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Peter Cheung's Bridge Website 11/12/2002

UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. See what is new for new additions email

My expertise is in computer software, computer algorithms, discrete mathematics, internet, game theory, game strategies in the game of bridge and poker. This web site is a combinations of the above for the game of bridge design to document some of my research findings.  I'll have introductions in each subject at an intermediate level and then dive into advance treatments.  Many of my findings are related to results I obtain using computer simulations with emphasis on statistical distributions of bridge hands. Additional results are obtained using double dummy analysis.

  • What is New ***** describes major additions and changes to this web site as the construction underway.
  • Single/Double Dummy and actual play ***** Analysis of bridge hands using OkBridge database (30 million plays) and double dummy database (18 million hands).
  • The Law ***** is the law of total tricks. Many new and detailed findings based on the statistical distribution of bridge hands and double dummy analysis.
  • Computer Analysis ****  Under this section different opening bids will be analyze start out with 15-17 NT openings.
  • Statistics *** are subjects involved numbers which are usually too complicated to calculate exactly and are solved by computer simulations.
  • Simulation Software ***describe the C++ program I have written which I believe is the most flexible program to analyze bridge hands for statistical distributions and double dummy analysis using data already generated. I am able to describe all the hand or deal conditions I ever wanted to analyze using my program. (This could be unfair because if I needed something I cannot do I just added to the program.)
  • Reference ** Listed the websites and books I used the most in constructing this web site. Since I have most of the bridge books in print I apologies to those authors whose books I used but not in the reference.  Most bridge books are useful in some area due to the fact that there are not that many of them.
  • 5 card Minor System *** is my bidding system for match point competition. It is the beginning of my idea of how future computer bidding system will evolved. a lot of multi meanings for bids (which the computer can analyze easily but humans will have a hard time). Also pay more attention to the number of cards in a suit especially in the minor suits. It is hard to find the 5+ cards in a minor using the regular 1C/1D bid.
  • Mathematics * are subjects involved numbers which can be calculated easily like 2 hand distribution, missing 4 or 5 cards in a suit.
  • Rule of 15 **** How good is rule of 15 and a few exceptions to rule of 15
  • Rule of 20 **** How good is rule of 20 and a few exceptions to rule of 20
  • Losing Trick Count **** Can someone else provide me with computer data to support the use of losing trick count? My data shows it is not as good as almost anything else.
  • Tell * is one of my specialty. Taken from poker and apply to bridge. (under construction)
  • JavaScript Bidding * is a JavaScript program I wrote and won the program of the month in October 1996 by at that time the best rating site for Java software; Gamelan.
  • Bidding program (under construction)
  • Computer simulation (under construction)
  • Old Bridge Links * is an update of my original popular bridge web site link.
  • Strategies * is one of my specialty. (under construction)  Most strategies in print are related to MP and IMP differences. Very little or none is on strategies in how to play the game depending on the opponents and game conditions. The game on the internet is very different then live games. When do you start to increase your aggressiveness base on how well or how poor you are doing so far in the game.
  • Game Theory is the strategies of the game base on pure probability of the hands, cards, deals, and game conditions. (under construction)
  • Computer Output *** For some complete computer output of opening hands and special situations.
  • Personic WebBench * is the document of the human resource recruiting web software I did to make a few dollars in the past.

I am very excited about the advances in computer bridge programs in their ability to bid and play hands. Bidding systems that is base on sound computer simulations is going to be more popular in the next few years. It is likely within the next 3-5 years such a bidding system used by a computer program will be able to beat the best player in the world.

I first put up my bridge website in 1996 and spend a lot of time writing software for the game of bridge.  By end of 1996 I have one of the top 10 most popular bridge sites on the Internet. Then I went back to work full time (more then one job) as a computer consultant and became an expert in NetDynamics. (a web application server merged into Sun Micro in 1998) Then I put all my energy created and maintained one of the most popular NetDynamics website on the internet.

Now I am no longer doing any NetDynamics work and is back to the game of bridge. I am managing a bridge club with 2 games a week in Fremont California, and the treasurer for Unit 500. So here I am trying to rebuild another bridge website to host all the old stuff that I have done plus all the research work I did from year 2000 to now.

My old stuff include a bridge link site, a JavaScript bidding program, a JAVA applet to display bridge hands, a c++ windows program which simulates bridge hands.

Most of my work in the last 2 years have been in the area of computer simulation of bridge hands, mathematics, statistics, strategies, tells, psychology  and game theory for the game of bridge. I have done similar research work for the game of poker. A lot of the unusual subjects I learn from other games and sporting events which also apply in the game of bridge.  I would like to start putting all of my work on this website. I'll write and put stuff in this website like an experiment.  Most materials are first drafts and not reviewed by anyone. Email me if you find any mistakes and I'll correct it. Feel free to email me with any information in regard to my bridge website and I will give credit to anyone who provide me with technical information.