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Go to Advance System section for point count system and other details. All openings have been broken down to detail % and number of tricks make using double dummy database of >2 million hands. The amazing part of the advance system is that 12-14 HCP, 15-17 HCP, 18-19 HCP, 20-21 HCP NT hands are all identified by 1C and a following bid or 1NT or 2NT. 1C bid has no hands in the 15-17 range. The system also handles very precise weak two openings.  Very difficult to defense because of the multi 1C, 2C and 2D bid. Able to open 2S and 2H with exactly 5 cards and 8-10 HCP as part of 2D opening. Able to open 5 Card 9-10 HCP diamonds, and 8-10 HCP 6 card club and diamonds as part of 2C opening.

I developed the Cheung's 5 card Minor System in 1995 and was approved for play by then the head director for district 21. At that time I was competing for a mini-McKenney title in the NABC Master division. I was and still is fascinated by different bidding systems.   I have most of the bridge books in print and some old out of print stuff. Here are some of the reasons I developed the Cheung's 5 card Minor System:-

  • It was fun to have your own system.
  • A different system which is unfamiliar to your opponent is a big advantage. This is especially true in pair games where you only play 2 boards against each opponent. For a long time I have problem playing against the big club system until I develop my own defense against it.
  • I was not good enough to compete against the top players in pair games which I was forced to play when there is no team games or if I got knock out of the team game. So I needed some extra tool to do better in the pair games.
  • I was trying to use a new system to gain strategic advantage over my opponents. The weakest part of the standard 2/1 system is in the minor opening. The opening of 1C and 1D does not tell you how long the suit is other then it is at least 3. (or sometimes people play 1D as at least 4; then 1C could be 2) I want a system which is similar to the 5 card major system and can identify 5 card minors easily.

Abbreviations used:- 


  Major suit

M' The other major suit
m minor suit
m' The other minor suit
X, Y, Z   the other unbided suit
F forcing
NF non-forcing
I invitation
GI game invitation
SI slam invitation
GF game forcing
SF slam forcing
R red suits D or H
B black suit C or S
Pt pointed suits D or S
Rd rounded suit C or H
P pass
Dbl double
Rdbl redouble
Rel relay
Ask Asking bid
Cue cue bid (next suit if opponent has bid two suit)
CUE if opponent has bid two suits cue bid skipping one suit (usually stronger bid)
J jump in suit
DJ double jump in suit
JS jump shift
DJS double jump shift
HC, or HCP high card point
HCL high card point plus long suit
HCLS high card point plus long suit plus short suit