This is a list of Websites and books I have used as a reference for the materials in my website.

  • Karen's Bridge Library Too many good information on the game of bridge to be listed.
  • Richard Pavilcek - Columns, quizzes, bidding practice, puzzles.
  • GIB One of two top computer bridge programs for bidding and playing. This site has a lot of good stuff for computer oriented bridge players.
  • PBN Information on the most commonly used file format to describe a bridge hand.
  • PS Bridge Hand Masakatsu Sugino has made a Windows program that presents bridge hands in a graphical way together with the results of a complete double dummy analysis. The program is able to read and write PBN files. The double dummy analysis is performed with Gib's engine. The graphical presentation is stored in a PostScript file, that can be manipulated with a PostScript viewer. The program (PS Bridge Hand) can be downloaded from Sugino's web site.
  • Thomas's Bridge Fantasia Many unique information related to statistical analysis of bridge hands including Law of total tricks and hand evaluations.








Books (I have most of them in print, here are the few I used as reference in writting this website):-

  • The Official encyclopedia of Bridge.
  • Bridge Odds for Practical Players by Kelsey & Glauert.
  • Book of Tells by Make Caro's.
  • Scalable Search in Computer Chess by Heinz.