IMP game %

There are very few discussions of strategies in the game of bridge compared to other subjects. Most discussion of strategies are related to the difference in scoring between IMP and MP. The game of bridge has a very big standard deviation (compared to most games) and strategies are a lot more important then the amount of writing on the subject.

Sailing is the strategy of "doing the same as what the field or the other team does if you are the better pair or team, or you have a comfortable lead". This include sitting your best player at the same seat as the opponent.

IMP game % is a new approach to what % do you need to bid a game in IMP scoring. For MP scoring it is simple, bid any game if you have a better then 50% chance. For IMP scoring most publication said you need about 40% to bid a vulnerable game and 45% to bid a non-vulnerable game. This does not take into consideration that bridge hands are very distributional. If there is a situation that you think you have a 40% chance to make 3NT or 4 spade, then there is a significant % that you will not even make 2NT or 3 spade. I believe the actual % is more like 34% for vulnerable game and 42% for non-vulnerable game.