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I have one of the most versatile  bridge hand simulation program written in C++ which allows user to enter almost anything they want to select the bridge hands and have a complete statistical analysis of the hands selected. It screens about 1 million hands in 3 seconds and computes all the statistical data on 1 million hands in about 16 seconds. One side product of the program is hand generation in PBN format, to be used by GIB or Bridge Baron and most of the commercially  available bridge programs.

Go to download page if you are interested in a review copy dated 5/2/2002

I also has one of the most versatile and extremely fast c++ program for analysis of computer hands using double dummy data. It can analyze one million double dummy hands in about 13 seconds. a sample of the output of the program for 2 million hands is in the statistic/general hand section. I'll release more information as part of the book I am writing "Computer analysis of Bridge Hands".

 This section is a description of what the program does and how to use it. (version 3.0)

Version 4.0 supports PBN (for playing of hand in other bridge software and double dummy analysis), save statistic output to a text file for publishing, allow partial hands defined by specific cards, allow NS combined hand conditions specified etc.

The main purpose of this program is to simulate computer deals to the hand definitions of the user. It produces an extensive statistical analysis of all the hands. It also gives you two pages of about 40 sample hands to look at or practice your bidding and play.

You can specify the conditions of all 4 hands and the NS hands conbined. Let's say you want to analyze all 1nt 15-17 opening and the partner has exactly 9 HCP. Then for hand 1 in hand condition 1 enter 15 17 for HCP range, and 1 for NT situation.  For hand 2 in hand condition 1 enter 9 9 for HCP range and 2 for just HCP and no other special situations. Then run the program. The run time dialog window will refresh 10 to 20 statistic results every 2 to 5 seconds. You can stop and get a complete output anytime by clicking the stop button. For 99% of your search you only need to use hand condition 1 which allows you to enter 4 inclusive and 4 exclusive conditions with HCP range. Each condition is a logical AND of 8 situations. Situations range from very general like NT, SA 1C,1H,1D,1S opening to very specific like must have AJ of spade, must have 5 or more diamonds etc.

Use north or first hand if you want to enter any specific 13 cards. The program generate the hands in sequence of N S E W.  Put the most infrequent condition in for north.  4