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last update Jan 21 2002

I am in the process of redoing this old bridge link section.

Please go to frame version of the bridge links.

Fast 32 bit bridge hand simulation engine with many statistics and hand generation run under window  PTCbridgeA new version is available in my main website updated in 2002, can define all four hands and have law of total trick statistics .

Internet Standard American bridge opening bid tutorial with random hand generator using Javascript . It can be used to randomly generate practice hands for any opening bids. It is also nice for someone who want to learn how to improve their web page using Javascript. JavaScript Bridge Opening Bid version 1.4 tested on Netscape 3.00 and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.00 under Window95. This program has been rated by Gamelan, the best Java web directory, as a cool web site with a comment of "Elaborate!" A button 'play applet' is added to link the generated hand to the Java Bridge Applet.

The Inter "NET" way to present your bridge hand is here. A full function Java Bridge Applet for presenting bridge hands is available for you to use now.

Types of bridge hand material to be presented:-

  • A typical daily bridge column.
  • A typical hand someone run into in playing bridge.
  • All bridge quiz.
  • Bridge Tournament.

See how a bridge column come alive on the Internet. You want to tell your friend about an exciting hand? Let the Java Bridge Applet present it for you in motion. It only takes a minute or two to input a complete hand and it will jump out of your screen. You or anyone you send it to can replay the hand manually and try to do better. You can post the hand in the Web because the data is a HTML file.  See a Demo of different types of bridge hands using the Bridge Applet.