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Logging On and Starting Your Personic WebBench Session

About Logging On and Starting Your Personic WebBench Session

To log on and start to Personic WebBench

  1. Open your Web browser.
  2. In the Address (or Location) field, type the URL for your Personic WebBench site. Press ENTER.
  3. The Personic WebBench Log On page appears. Type your ID in the User ID field and press TAB.
  4. In the Password field, type your password and press ENTER (or click the Log On button).

    If you've typed your user ID and password correctly, the Main page appears. From here, you may start your Personic WebBench session.

    If you made any errors in entering your user ID or password, you'll see an error message. Click the OK button beneath the message text to return to the Log On page and type your user ID and password again to log on to Personic WebBench.

About Logging On and Starting Your Personic WebBench Session

Because Personic WebBench runs from a Web site internal to your company, accessing it is similar to going to any site on the World Wide Web. Typically, this involves typing a URL in the Address field (or, the Location field in Netscape Navigator) and pressing ENTER. Your system administrator may also have sent you an e-mail message that contains a link to the URL that you can click to open your Web browser and navigate to the site. When you first go to the Personic WebBench site (the Log On page will appear), you may wish to bookmark it. You can then use this bookmark to quickly access the site for all future Personic WebBench sessions.

After you've logged on to Personic WebBench, you see The WebBench Main Page, which lets you know what items, if any, need your attention or are overdue for your review. From here, you can go directly to items that need your attention, and you can also go to any other part of the application. You can also read messages from your system administrator in The Message Marquee.

To learn more about the WebBench Main page and the common components of Personic WebBench, see Getting Around in Personic WebBench.

Once you have started the application, you'll see the Log On page. From here, you can log on to Personic WebBench and start your session. You can also use this window to change your password (see Changing Your Password).
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