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Welcome to Personic WebBench

Personic WebBench is Personic Software's Web-based application that helps you, the hiring manager, to act on the parts of the hiring process that concern you most. By isolating just those parts of the process that need your input, Personic WebBench helps you cut the time it normally takes to hire a candidate. Personic WebBench users work in tandem with recruiting team members who use Personic Workflow, reducing the need for interoffice "snail mail" and paper documentation, such as forms, faxes, and routing sheets.

Personic WebBench Features

Personic WebBench offers hiring managers the ability to

create requisitions and offers
review candidate resumes
schedule interviews
see maps of all stages in the hiring process and use them to route requisitions through it
check requisition, resume, interview, and offer statuses
review interview feedback and candidate reference information online
post jobs internally and externally, directly to the World Wide Web
receive alerts of delays and go directly to the events that require attention

Personic WebBench Requirements

This Help is written for the hiring manager, the person who must interview candidates and make final decisions on hiring. To use the instructions given here, as well as to use the Personic WebBench application, you need a basic knowledge of how to use Microsoft Windows and a standard Web browser. Also, you should be familiar with the hiring process.

Personic WebBench is designed to run with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.05 or later. If your browser is different from these or an earlier version than either, check with your system administrator to get the correct browser or version.
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