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Searching for Candidates

About Searching for Candidates

To search for candidates to add to a requisition

  1. On the Requisition Stage Map, click the Manager Searches for Appropriate Resumes button. The Resume Search page appears.
  2. Enter search criteria in any or all of the available fields in the Select Keyword section. Separate words by commas. Use the fields to search for text in the following ways:
  3. Optionally, you may also enter criteria in the following Select Residence Area and Select Date Resume Was Received fields.
  4. Click Search. (To clear all fields and start over, click Reset.) On the resulting list, click the name of a candidate to see the Candidate Summary page.

    To add this candidate to a requisition

  5. Click the Add to Requisition button. The Add This Candidate to Another Requisition page appears.
  6. In the Other Open Requisitions field, select a requisition from the drop-down list.
  7. Click Add.

About Searching for Candidates

Normally, after you've created a requisition (see Creating Requisitions), the recruiter searches for candidates to meet its requirements. If your system administrator has configured your company's system to allow it, however, you can search the candidate database yourself. By searching candidate resumes, this feature helps you find candidates with skills to match those the requisition requires.

On the Requisition Stage Map (on the Requisition Main page), you can click the Manager Searches for Appropriate Resumes button to go to a page in which to enter search criteria. You can then enter the qualifications you want in a candidate and use them to search the current database. From the resulting list, you can click candidate names to see their resumes and records, and you can click Add to Requisition button on a candidate's record to add him or her to any requisition. Candidates added to any requisition remain attached to it for further review and possible interview and offer.
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