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Searching for Requisitions

About Searching for Requisitions

To search for a requisition

  1. On any page in the Requisition stage, click the Search Requisitions action button. The Search All Requisitions page appears.
  2. Enter information in any or all the fields to define your search, using the following choices:
  3. When you've entered all the necessary criteria, click the Search button. If any requisitions in the database match your search, a list of requisitions appears.

About Searching for Requisitions

You can search for any of your requisitions on the Search All Requisitions page. You can search for a single requisition or a group of requisitions. You can enter a variety of different types of information, such as the requisition number, title, or status, to locate any of your requisitions already in the system. You can enter as much or as little information as needed to make the search as general or as specific as you want.
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