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Viewing Requisitions

About Viewing Requisitions

To view requisitions pending approval, open requisitions, or other requisitions

  1. On any page in the Requisition stage, click the action button that corresponds to the type of requisition you wish to view. Choose from the following:
    Requisitions Pending Approval, for requisitions you've created that are awaiting approval from your HR department (that is, waiting to be moved from Pending to Open)
    Open Requisitions, for requisitions that have been approved but not filled
    Other Requisitions, for requisitions on hold or canceled

    A list, such as the one for Open requisitions, appears.

  2. Do one of the following:
    To view a requisition, click its number in the Requisition Number column. The requisition record appears.
    To view a list of all candidates selected for the requisition (if any), click the number in the All Candidate column.
    To view a list of candidate resumes that need attention, click the number in the Needs Attention column that corresponds to the appropriate requisition.

    About Viewing Requisitions

    Once the recruiter changes a requisition's status to Open, you can view the requisition and its current status within the Requisition stage. You route the requisition from Open to Manager Review to Interview and so on when you complete each task in the work flow of a requisition.

    Open requisitions that you have not routed further appear in The Manager's To Do List on the The WebBench Main Page once they've remained the system for the number of days the system-administrator has chosen. For requisitions that have not exceeded their time limit and for all your requisitions in the system, you can view them from any page in the Requisition stage by clicking the View Requisition action button.
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