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Viewing Interview Feedback (Offering Comments)

About Viewing Interview Feedback (Offering Comments)

To view interview feedback

  1. On any page in the Interview stage, click either the Interview by Status or Interview by Requisition action button. (If you are not already in the Interview stage, first click the Interview tab.) A list of interviews appears.
  2. In the Status column, click Held in the row for the desired requisition. The Interviews Held page appears.
  3. On the Interviews Held page, click the View Comments button. The Interview Team Feedback page appears.
  4. View the comments. To scroll through each individual comment, click the up or down arrows on the scroll bar next to each comment list.

About Viewing Interview Feedback (Offering Comments)

After the interview is held, all interview team members can forward comments to the recruiter or to you. The recruiter then changes the candidate's status to Held and enters all such feedback into the candidate's record (or you may enter the feedback yourself). You can view this feedback in the form of comments in the Interviews Held page in the Interview stage. If you are entering the feedback yourself, you can type or cut-and-paste into the Comments field in this page.
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