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Selecting the Interview Team and Scheduling Interviews

About Selecting the Interview Team and Scheduling Interviews

To select interview team members and schedule the interview

  1. In the Manager Review Stage Map, click the Manager Reviews Resume action button. (To view all open requisitions, click the Open Requisitions action button on the left side of the same page.) A list of requisitions, their unviewed resumes, and their total resumes appears.
  2. For the appropriate requisition, click the number in the New Resumes column. A list of candidates appears, showing each candidate's stage in the workflow.
  3. Click the desired candidate's name. The candidate's Manager Review page appears.
  4. On the candidate's Manager Review page, click Interested, Manager Schedules Interview. The Select Interview Team page appears.
  5. In the Interview to be Conducted On field, type the proposed date of the interview.
  6. Select the check box next to each team member with whom you want this candidate to interview and click Save Changes. The Interview Team page appears. Any previously chosen team members appear on this page.
  7. In any available field in the Interviewer column, type the name(s) of any interview team member(s) not already entered. Type the date of the interview in the Interview Date field and select a time from the Time field. In the Confirmed? column, click Yes if the interview is confirmed. Otherwise, click No. Repeat for each new interview team member.
  8. From the Interview Priority drop-down list, select the desired length of time within which the interview should take place: ASAP, Tomorrow, In Two Days, or In a Week.
  9. When finished, click Save Changes. If all scheduling is complete and you wish to schedule the interview, click Schedule Interview. Otherwise, you may exit the page and finish entering information later.

About Selecting the Interview Team and Scheduling Interviews

In Manager Review, when you choose Interested, Manager Schedules Interview, a Select Interview team page appears. If personnel are already listed, you can choose from among them, or you can enter your own choices in the Interview Team page. You can also delete any team member names already in the list. As part of your manager review of a resume, you can also schedule candidates' interviews.
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