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Acting on Feedback

Once you have read all the interview feedback from the interview team members, you may register a decision by changing the candidate status. You can do this by using one of the buttons at the bottom of Interview Held page.

Clicking one of the following buttons produces the specified response:

Create Offer displays a Create Offer Request page for you to start generating an offer.

Schedule Next Interview displays an Interview Team page. This notifies the recruiter to arrange for the next interview or enables you to schedule the interview yourself (see Selecting the Interview Team and Scheduling Interviews).

Hold notifies the recruiter to wait for more candidates to interview for the position.

Reject Candidate ensures that no further action is taken on this resume for this requisition. Clicking this button produces the Reject Candidate page, from which you can select a reason for the rejection.

Not Interested ensures that no more action is taken on this resume for this requisition.
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