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Searching the Modules

About Searching the Modules

To search for a candidate, recruiter, manager, or department

  1. On the Main page for the appropriate module, click the Search action button. A Search For page appears.
  2. In the field or fields on the Search page, enter all or part of a name. Any part you enter must be a letter or series of consecutive letters. (In the Search Candidates page, you can also enter all or part of an e-mail address.)
  3. In the adjoining drop-down list, click the phrase that describes the part of the name (or e-mail address) you have entered, as described following:
  4. Click Search. (To clear all fields and start over, click Reset.)

    To search resumes

  5. On the Candidate Main page, click the Search Resumes action button. The Resume Search page appears.
  6. Enter search criteria in any or all of the available fields in the Select Keyword section. Separate words by commas. Use the fields to search for text in the following ways:
  7. Optionally, you may also enter criteria in the following Select residence area and Select date resume was received fields.
  8. Click Search. (To clear all fields and start over, click Reset.)

About Searching the Modules

Besides the four stages of the hiring process--Requisition, Manager Review, Interview, and Offer--Personic WebBench uses four other tabs to give you access to other information in your database. Called modules, these four tabs organize the database into sections you can search. The four modules and what you can do in each follow:
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