Double Dummy Accurate
Final Contract
30 Million Play

This is a section of research findings using Okbridge data.

Double Dummy Accurate section has data to support the use of double dummy database or analysis in general for bridge hands. The most important general finding is that double dummy analysis is very accurate as compared to actual play from OKBridge.

Final contract section has data based on final contracts of Okbridge plays. Only 8 non-slam contracts are positive. They are 1H 1S 1NT 2H 2S 3NT 4H 4S. This is the case for both imp and mp scoring.

30 Million play section has data for 30 million plays from OkBridge. The overall OkBridge result indicates players overbid and declarer has a negative score in both imp and mp.

Bidding section has data based on the bidding sequence.