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Welcome to Personic WebBench
Personic WebBench Features
Personic WebBench Requirements
Using Help

Getting Started
Logging On and Starting Your Personic WebBench Session
Changing Your Password
Timing Out
Ending Your Personic WebBench Session

Getting Around in Personic WebBench
The WebBench Main Page
The Manager's To Do List
The "Yellow Brick Road"
The Message Marquee
The Log Off Button
Tabs, Pages, and Text Links
Modules and Stages
Stage Maps
Lists, Forms, and Fields
Moving Through the Hiring Process

Working with Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
Using Existing Requisitions or Templates
Creating Templates
Viewing Requisitions
Searching for Requisitions
Searching for Candidates
Moving On

Reviewing Resumes and Giving Feedback
Viewing a List of Requisitions that Need Manager Review
Viewing All Open Requisitions in Manager Review
Moving On

Scheduling Interviews
Selecting the Interview Team and Scheduling Interviews
Viewing Interview Feedback (Offering Comments)
Acting on Feedback
Viewing Interviews
Moving On

Creating Offers
Creating Offer Requests
Viewing Offers

Searching the Modules


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