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Working with Requisitions

Creating Requisitions

Viewing Requisitions

Searching for Requisitions

Searching for Candidates

Most commonly, the first step in hiring a new employee is filling out a requisition. Most requisitions contain the job title, hiring date, filling date, job description, and any other information the recruiter may need. In Personic WebBench, creating a new requisition initiates all the events that lead to searching for the suitable candidates, interviewing the candidates, making an offer, and, finally, receiving the candidate's acceptance or rejection of the offer.

Personic WebBench enables you to create a requisition and track the requisition through the hiring process. You can create a Pending requisition simply by clicking a button on any page in the Requisition stage and filling out a New Requisition form (see Creating Requisitions). You can see the status of a requisition at any time also by clicking a button and selecting the requisition from the resulting list (see Viewing Requisitions). Personic WebBench also helps you to determine easily which requisitions need attention and to navigate to them automatically (see The Manager's To Do List).

In addition to adding new requisitions in Personic WebBench, you can view a list of requisitions in different stages, update requisitions that you are currently working with, and take a variety of other actions, like submitting a requisition to the HR department, setting the interview group for a requisition, and so on.

Once you've created a requisition and saved it, the recruiter takes over the process of getting that requisition approved and searching for appropriate candidates. When the recruiter secures approval for it, he or she changes its status from Pending to Open in Personic Workflow. While a requisition is still Pending, you can still make changes to it and save them. Requisitions are visible only to the hiring manager who created them and his or her associated recruiter.
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