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19 to 21 Results
18 to 22 hcp
17 to 23 hcp
16 to 24 hcp

16 total trumps is the best situation for the law of total tricks.

The number of tricks each side can make is 8.08 with only one 8 card trump suit (n 2 suit fit). The sum total for both side is 16.16. This is based on about 40,000 hands. It turns out that even with a sample of as few as 1,000 hands the result is about the same. The result also seems to be the same for all hcp ranges(20-20, 19-21, 18-22, 17-23, 16-24). # of tricks make if you have 19 hcp is 7.6, 18 hcp is 7.3, 17 hcp is 6.9

The Okbridge players make about 0.12 tricks more then double dummy results.

So the adjusted number of tricks both side takes is 16.40

This new finding may affect your decision on the bidding. Your chance of making 3 is significantly higher when you consider the Okbridge players tend to make 0.12 tricks more at the 2 level. There is a total of 20% more chances for you to make one more trick then expected. A slight overbid in this situation may be the best strategy.